When you as a parents are looking for a new junior racket for your child, it is important to look at what length racket your child needs. We have the following rule of thumb:

  •  95-115 cm = approx. 41-44 cm
  • 105-120 cm = approx. 52-55 cm
  • 110-125 cm = approx. 57-60 cm
  • 120-135 cm = approx. 60-62 cm
  • 130-140 cm = about 65-67.5 cm

 A normal adult racket is 68 cm long, so if your kid is over ten years old, you are most likely up to “adult” racket sizes, but it all depends on the height. It is the height that determines which model to choose. If it’s too big, your child will not be able to get enough speed in the racket, so it will not be as fun to play. They may also end up holding the racket a little too far up on the shaft, which is incorrect. If, on the other hand, it is too short, they will shoot “holes” in the air and will have difficulty getting a decent game going.

If in doubt, get in touch with us or look at what’s in the description of the badminton racket. You can view our junior range here:

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