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Accelerate your learning

What better way to fast-track your improvement than with a one-on-one coaching session – an hour (or two) just for you to develop those areas of your game most important to you!

Individual or small group coaching is a great way of accelerating your learning. Badminton can be a challenging game to master, and group coaching is a great way to get started. 1:1 time with a qualified coach can help you improve your game over a period of time. Players like to supplement their group learning sessions with individuals to get the best of both worlds.

Individual lessons with our coaches will accelerate learning, improve confidence, help master technique, offer the opportunity to give your practice or group sessions a focus, and it’s a great workout.

You can choose to go it alone, or you may wish to organise a small group (up to 2 players) or play with a friend to share the cost.

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