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Rule the court!

Competition is at the heart of our sport. 

We think competing against players of a similar level is one of the best ways to enjoy the game while also improving your skills and making new friends along the way.  

So, you’re looking to get into badminton and want to know how to start competing?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know before you enter a badminton competition – whether it’s your first tournament or your 100th. 

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How do I start competing?2022-10-28T14:56:06+00:00

There are a whole host of different competitions and formats that you can play in, each suited to a variety of players – whether you’re looking to compete on a local, county, regional or even national level. 

If you’re new to badminton competitions, returning after a long stretch away from the game or just fancy playing matches at your local venue, then National Badminton Competitions could be the best option for you.

You can also compete in various competitions at your local club, coaching programme or venue, such as box leagues, match plays, club nights, tournaments, etc. Just chat with your coach or us to find out what competitions offer.

Badminton England events are the next stage of competing, offering players graded circuit events to compete at the right level. They have three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can find a competition by visiting the Badminton England website

If you want to learn more about the wide range of competitions, please speak with your coach or get in touch.

What competitions can I enter?2022-10-28T14:42:47+00:00

Start out with a National Badminton event.

If you want to take your first steps into a competition, we recommend starting with a National Badminton event. These events are aimed at beginner/intermediate players looking to take their first steps into competing. They are a good way to take part in a competition, but in a fun and less competitive environment, as results are not recorded. But don’t sweat; winners/runners-up still receive kudos with medals!

We offer the following recreational competition events for juniors and adults:

  1. Super Single Events – singles-based round-robin events
  2. Super Double Events – doubles-based round-robin events; register as a pair or on your own, and we’ll match you up.

You can enter an upcoming event by visiting our bookings page

Progress to Badminton England events 

Badminton England offers a national competition programme called Circuits. These popular tournaments are nationwide and split into 3 tiers, providing access to all players looking for more competitive opportunities.

Gold Circuits (Tier 1)
Gold Circuits (Tier 1)
Are for the elite and top level players competing to qualify for the English National Championships.
Silver Circuits (Tier 2)
Silver Circuits (Tier 2)
Are for experienced competitive juniors who are developing their ranking and level.
Bronze Circuits (Tier 3)
Bronze Circuits (Tier 3)
Are for players who have some local competitive experience and ready to try the next level-up.
How to enter a badminton competition2022-10-28T15:32:33+00:00

To enter a National Badminton competition event, simply visit our bookings page and sign up!

To enter a Badminton England Circuit, you will need to affiliate with Badminton England and have a Compete membership. To join click here

How to enter a Badminton England event?2022-10-28T15:33:30+00:00

To enter a Badminton England Circuit Competition, just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Compete Membership to get your competition account
  • Search your next tournament here
  • Select which event you want to enter
  • Complete the online entry process
  • Then you’re all set and ready to go – it’s that easy!
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