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Project Description

National Badminton’s NextGen Junior Programme has been developed to help players accelerate their learning and development.  We offer a full programme of after-school and weekend badminton coaching for players aged four years old and upwards.

Specialist coaches will ensure every child has the best start to their badminton journey in a safe and inclusive environment. Sessions cater to all abilities, so no one gets left behind. Explore the different NextGen stages below.

Key points

  • Although we’ve assigned ages to each stage, this is just a guide.
  • We understand kids want to play in groups and with their friends, so whatever stage they start at, all kids will see progression.
  • In every NextGen stage, kids will be active, having fun, and developing skills!


Why is badminton good for kids?2022-09-01T13:01:16+00:00

Our NextGen Junior Programme is designed to introduce children as young as four to badminton. Fun, dynamic sessions will help kids get to grips with the basics of the game, improve their coordination and make some new pals along the way.

How can I motivate my kids to play badminton?2022-09-01T13:05:54+00:00

Make badminton fun! If your kids enjoy it, they’ll be itching to pick up a racket and head to the court or garden. Finding a local weekly session through our NextGen Junior Programme is a pretty good place to start. These sessions are engaging, energetic and a great way to make new friends.

How often should my kid play badminton?2022-09-01T13:13:37+00:00

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. If your child is having fun, they should play as little or as much as they want to. If they want to start competing, they will probably need to put in more practice time. Generally, we recommend starting with twice per week, and as kids develop into performance training, anything between 3-5 days per week whilst competing regularly is recommended.

How can I get my kid into playing competitive badminton?2022-09-01T15:48:50+00:00

Whatever time of year it is, junior competitions are taking place across the country for children of all ages and abilities. When it comes to finding the right level of competition for your kid, there are a few options:

  • NextGen Matchweek takes place every sixth week throughout our Next Gen programme. They are delivered within coaching sessions and help kids build their skills and understanding of competitive badminton.
  • NextGen Super Singles events are aimed at juniors brand new to competing. Kids need to know how to score and serve, and we recommend joining a NextGen coaching session before participating. It’s a fun local event to help kids take their first steps into badminton competitions, usually run by their coach and friends.
  • Badminton England Circuits are a popular nationwide junior tournament circuit split into three tiers, providing access to all players looking for more competitive opportunities.
  • Junior County Competitions allow juniors of all ages to represent their county in team competitions. Through U18 Inter Counties Tournaments and Shires League County Championships.
  • Junior Major Events are aimed at elite-level juniors, including the National Championships, National Schools Competition and International Tournament Entry.
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What is the best way to teach kids badminton?2022-09-01T13:28:56+00:00

Make it fun! The more fun kids have, the more likely they will improve their skills and want to continue. The best way to teach kids also depends on how old they are.

Our NextGen Junior Programme has five coaching stages, from Mini to Teens, for children aged 4-17. Each stage is tailored to the developmental level of children in that age group. Starting with courts sized right and drills & activities fit for purpose, kids finesse the basics for all sports – like coordination and balance. They then progress to badminton techniques and tactics. By the time they’re at the Junior stage, they are fine-tuning their game on full-size courts.

What size badminton racket should my kid use?2022-09-01T13:38:08+00:00

 When you as a parents are looking for a new junior racket for your child, it is important to look at what length racket your child needs. We have the following rule of thumb:

  •  95-115 cm = approx. 41-44 cm
  • 105-120 cm = approx. 52-55 cm
  • 110-125 cm = approx. 57-60 cm
  • 120-135 cm = approx. 60-62 cm
  • 130-140 cm = about 65-67.5 cm

 A normal adult racket is 68 cm long, so if your kid is over ten years old, you are most likely up to “adult” racket sizes, but it all depends on the height. It is the height that determines which model to choose. If it’s too big, your child will not be able to get enough speed in the racket, so it will not be as fun to play. They may also end up holding the racket a little too far up on the shaft, which is incorrect. If, on the other hand, it is too short, they will shoot “holes” in the air and will have difficulty getting a decent game going.

If in doubt, get in touch with us or look at what’s in the description of the badminton racket. You can view our junior range here:

View junior rackets
What should my kid wear to play badminton?2022-09-01T13:39:37+00:00

When it comes to clothes, kids can wear whatever they’re most comfortable with. Remember they will be active – think shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Keep the jeans and coats at home.

Shoes-wise, we’d suggest that kids wear a comfortable pair of trainers, as these will stop them from slipping and getting foot and ankle injuries when on the court.

How to find and book a coaching session?2022-09-01T13:42:05+00:00

To find a badminton coaching session for your kid, visit our Venue Finder to search for your nearest location. This will take you to our coaching page where from there you will be able o view the timetable of available sessions and book online.

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